Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Phase One almost at an end

Tomorrow night will mark the end of my Paternity Leave, and come Wednesday it's back to the long slog - commuting, foraging for lunches, getting home late, wishing I won the lottery, etc.

However hard it will be for me trying to provide for myself and my family, I'm worried about Sue. As she only had the c-section two weeks ago, convention dictates she can't drive for another four. This is fine if she doesn't need / want to go anywhere, but stuck in the wilds of Wallington with no vehicle could drive anyone mental.

She's going for tea to a fellow NCTers' on Thursday and will either have to cab it or take a bus. We're still not sure about the whole car seat / taxi legal issue, so she'll probably take the bus and walk.. or throw caution to the wind.

Regarding my own well-being, I'm stuck in some sort of holiday routine, where I can't fall asleep before about 3am and wake around noon. Fine when I have nothing to do, absolutely dire when I have to rise around 7 am for work. Bets are now on regarding how much work I'll get done Wednesday!

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