Monday, 17 June 2013

Autism Show

This past weekend we traipsed out to Excel in the middle of East London to attend the Autism Show, put on by the NAS.

We weren't really sure what to expect, but knew that discussion around diet would not be on the table. When we go there, Sue sussed out the seminars (really just 20 minute powerpoint presentations) that she wanted to attend. My role was really to ensure that Emily didn't wander too far off or make too much of a nuisance of herself.
The stands were quite a mixed bag - there were sensory toy vendors, furniture vendors and a LOT of schools. I mean A LOT! Most of them were private and looking to score around £50,000 / year to educate our young. Nice if you have the money I guess.

The main area of the event was the stage area where a number of events were taking place, including Autism’s Got Talent - showcasing the talents of those in the spectrum. Apart from it being crazy loud, it was enjoyable hearing the event from ANYWHERE in the show.

It was a long day, and the seminars I attended didn't tell me anything new, but it was nice to be around like minded people and in a place where we didn't have to explain or apologise for Emily.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Emily's Detox Fever

The last 24 hours has seen Emily flush, quite lethargic and very feverish (and not for the flavour of a Pringle!) - to the point where she's asleep again right now ... at 4pm.

We've had her on her second round of homeopathic cleansing (part of the CEASE therapy that is recommended for Autistic people - depending on who you talk to) to rid her of the effects of vaccinations.

The first round of the CEASE therapy, to repair the effects of any antibiotics Sue might have taken while preggers with Ems didn't really garner any results (apart from loose poops from too much vitamin C) and we were really not convinced this latest round would produce any either.

Personally, I'm taking the fever as a good sign that this therapy is working. I just hope for Em's sake it subsides soon as you really don't wanna be burning up any longer than you need to. We have Calpol at the ready and are administering that and water as needed.

Em's also well into her gluten-free diet now, so I don't know if any of this is a result from that. I'd hate to think so as it's really not a terrific advertisement for going gluten-free: a raging fever.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New homeopathic course

We finished Em's first homeopathic treatment a couple of weeks ago. Sue met the homeopath last week and got a load of new tablets and potions, etc. for us to give Em.

Day one of the new regime was yesterday, so here's hoping we get some good results from this round.

Sue and Em are also getting fully into their gluten-free diet. It's stupid expensive, but if we can bring Em around - even slightly - it will be worth it. Sue's also toying with taking Em off milk (lactose or casein or something) to see if that provides any more impact.

All signs point to getting the gut sorted out being the first milestone on the road to a better life, so it's worth a shot doing all this.

Emily swimming

A shot of Emily in A pool.
We took Em for a "taster session" swimming lesson last night to the Westcroft Leisure Centre. Much to my amazement, it went incredibly well.

Em's had a mixed history with pools. We took her to aquatots when she was small, but since then her and pools don't get on very well... at first. Trips to Canada and Spain have been met with trepidation at first and then reluctant acceptance.

I'm happy to say that from where I sat... behind glass, with Holly on my lap, Em looked relaxed and really into the session.

As I wasn't allowed to take photos (something to do with perverts snapping children in pools), I've attached a photo from last June when we went to Spain, to show that Em DOES like pools eventually.

Em's going along to Westcroft next Monday for another taster session, but all signs are full steam ahead for swimming lessons for her. Of course, it didn't hurt that last night was one-on-one and consisted more of playing than lessons, but you have to start somewhere!