Saturday, 29 March 2008

Getting to grips

Well, it's been another few days of ups and downs.

The ups have pretty much been isolated to Emily sleeping loads. The downs obviously involve her awake-time activities, or should that be activity - feeding.

We assume she's going through another growth spurt as she's spending all her awake time suckling at the teat.

It's making Sue rather forlorn as she's merely a food conduit, and can't really enjoy Emily on any other level at the moment.

Me being dad, and feeling quite neutered not being able to help with the fooding, am trying to help out in other ways.

I took Em out for a stroll around the neighbourhood yesterday in the pram and sourced dinner and am doing laundry and nappy changes where I can.

Now that life is becoming a bit more routine with the baby (if that's possible yet), we're moving on to "phase two" activities, getting all the legal and paperwork stuff out of the way.

With Emily's registration last week, we can move on to getting her a passport and claiming for benefits and childhood credits. Also need to sort out a bank account so we can begin regular deposits into her education / PS3 / booze on 18th birthday / new car fund.

Managed to nab another cute pic of Emily. This time she's ready to go with her bluetooth headset sorted out!
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