Thursday, 3 April 2008

Birth weight and other stories

The health visitor came round today and weighed wee little Emily. She's now 10 lb 2 oz. Anyone who's been following this will know she was born at 9 lb 15 oz and promptly shed 7 oz almost over night.

It's nice to see the little tike's relentless feeding frenzy is resulting in some of it staying inside her (and not all ending up in the nappy).

This arvo Sue met up with a couple of the NCT mums and unknown to me, the dads were there too (as they still have paternity leave, etc.) Sounds like they had a wonderful afternoon eating nachos and apple cake, basking in the spring time sun and listening to the choir of infant cries.

I woke up at 4am this morn when Em grizzled for a feed. As I enjoyed a couple of bevvies last night, I found it rather impossible to get back to sleep. I have to say, I just keep going from tired to even more tired.

Does it end?

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