Thursday, 23 April 2009

See Emily play

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When we've collected Emily from Katherine's place, Sue and I feel at quite a loss as to what to do with Emily, stimulation and entertainment-wise. Do we continue play time? Do we let her play by herself? Do we read to her? If we leave her to her own devices, are we being neglectful.

It's a worry, as neither of us want her to grow up thick, but there has to be a limit to teaching children. I'd like to think that Em playing happily with her blocks or turning my Xbox on and off with the remote is stimulating enough.

I guess we'll have to read up some more to make sure our little toddler isn't being mentally stumped.

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Monday, 20 April 2009

Some... er (summer) fun.

With the summer on it's way, it's interesting to note the differences from last summer. Even though Em was here and a few months old last year, she really was just a blob or babbling baby. This year, she's a chattering, crawling, walking (with help) little pseudo toddler.

Thinking back to all the things we did last year - the Wallington Proms, Ben & Jerry's, the NCT Teddy Bear's Picnic... Em was really just the passive little baby. I'm really looking forward to her being more interactive with the things we do this year.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The crawling has begun

She's threatened for the last week or so, but today Emily really took off with the crawling. She was able to leave the living room on her own and go and find her mummy.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Horrifying birth simulator

I was wandering around the internet, oblivious to some facts of life until I stumbled on this video. It's basically how baby dolls are born, but I assume can be adapted to human birth as well.

Originally found here.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Another milestone - crawling

I just got a text from Katharine, Emily's childminder, telling me she's just crawled.

I wasn't sure when this would happen, or even if it would, but this is cool.

When we were down in Bognor for my gran's funeral yesterday, she was making gestures like she wanted to crawl, but just as she was about to move her leg to get going, she sat back up and gave up.

Well apparently today she's crawling. Hopefully I'll be able to see this in action when I pick her up.

Next milestone... walking unaided? eating with a spoon? potty trained? talking? cursive handwriting?

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Teething. Again.

Thankfully, Em seems to teeth during "business hours" (i.e. when Sue and I are awake). This has occasionally included evenings when we've put Em to bed and she's woken herself up with pain.

Last night was the first night she started teething outside of business hours. It was about 1.30am this morn when we were woken with her pain-induced cries. A bit of drink off mum, some cuddles from me, and some baby Tylenol later and she was back asleep.

We've got eight teeth so far, and I hope this latest bout brings about a couple more at least. I just don't know how much more sleepless nights Sue, myself or Em can take.
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