Monday, 9 December 2013


What some people would call taking a couple of steps, stumbling and falling over, we're considering a triumph.

Holly has begun to take independent steps, which can only mean proper "walking" is on it's way. By proper steps, I mean she puts one foot in front of the other without being aided to stand and then (if we're lucky) we get the second foot moving in a walking motion followed (if we're REALLY lucky) by a third footstep. Then, there's the invariable wobble and drop.

When I picked her up from nursery today they were so excited to tell me of this. Apparently Holly was quite self congratulatory as well (in that hiccup laugh that she does so well).

The downside of this (if there is one) is that she's getting quite impatient with people carrying her. She's squirms out of your arms (if you're not lucky) and wants to walk with you holding her arms.

She is hands down the most determined small child I have ever come across (and a number of her key workers have said the same thing).

Rather curious how the flight to Australia is going to pan out later this month.