Friday, 25 April 2008

Growing Babies and Bottling a feeling

This week Sue went to get Emily weighed. In the last fortnight, the little remorseless eating machine has put on almost a pound. She is very quickly growing out of the "our little girl" moniker. Her weight is now hovering around a back breaking 13 pounds.

This morning around 5am, Emily was letting out noises like someone was punching her in the face or trying to cut her legs off... just a blood curdling scream. This was happening while Sue was trying to change her. I waded in with dummy in hand to try and soothe her screams, or at the very least shut her up. I guess I did the trick, because no sooner had dummy gone in then she cacked herself and peed all over Sue. Ah, the trials of being a new parent.

We eventually passed out around 5.45am, but I found a strange elation being rudely awoken so early in the morning. After the initial shock, it's like your body goes into some weird "Ok, so that was just a 5 hour nap, not a night sleep" mode. You feel awake, relaxed and refreshed.

It's only when your body realises what's happens that you begin to fade out, get a flushed feeling and wish you were dead.

If I could bottle that elated feeling, I'd be a millionaire!
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