Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Back at work

To paraphrase Billy Madison: "Back to work, back to work to prove to dad I'm not a jerk".

Wow. I really wasn't ready to enter the office today. Apart from the over 100 emails I had to wade through, I realised that lack of sleep is tolerable - just - if you have bugger all to do.

I've taken the art of sitting on the setee with Emily on my lap and staring aimlessly at the TV to a new level. Add to the mix having to actually use my brain and I actually feel really really drained.

Still it's been good trying to get back into a routine. The last two weeks, while nowhere near a vacation, did have that rudderless feel you get a vacation. Get up when you want, do what you want during the day.

It was quite liberating seeing the day-life of our local environment and checking out who actually is around during the day. The people who shop at Sainsbury's, the people who walk the streets, hang out in the parks, eat at the cafes. You kind of assume that everyone has a job in an office and the streets should be ghost towns, but they never are.

I think it will benefit Sue and Emily having me away as well as they can get into a routine, well one that spurred on by me leaving every morning around 8.00a (after the morning nappy change of course) and arriving home around 7.15p (just in time for the evening nappy change).

So paternity leave is now over, moving on to the next phase, whatever that may be.
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