Monday, 27 August 2007

Everybody Knows

It's like the Leonard Cohen song now.

We went to my cousin Louise's baby shower, as she just had a baby on Friday and everybody there now knows there's another bubby on the way.

Didn't want to steal the thunder from little baby Harley (named after the motorcycle apparently, not the Batman character as you'd imagine), but everyone there came up to Sue and I to congratulate us on our impending arrival.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Baby Scan

Well, it's official. There's actually something there!

Just got back from the hospital and Sue's 12 week scan.

We have head, feet, hands, etc. and the possibility of Down's Syndrome is about 1 in 1400 which we are told is quite good. We will know more at the 20 week scan in... 8 weeks times.

It was all quite emotional, seeing this moving creature inside Sue's belly.

Sue called her mum on the bus ride home, and we got a "photo" of baby we can send to people.

Our baby is going to be born at St. Helier Hospital, the same place John Major entered the world... thank goodness it's not Gordon Brown's birthplace, we'd be moving!

Saturday, 18 August 2007


We went to Tina's birthday party in Ealing today (even though her birthday was in April, August USUALLY means better weather) and Sue's friend Shelley - who's going travelling - gave us a load of baby stuff.

I assume this type of thing happens all the time. You have a baby and the 0-6 months stuff becomes obsolete quite quickly, so you hand it on. I can imagine an entire secondary market of "gifts" working this way.

Unlike the property ladder, this one seems quite easy to get onto the bottom rung of.

Shout out to Shelley and Steve for the gifts, mucho appreciated!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Beer Festival

Went to the 30th Great British Beer Festival today and they had the best t-shirt combo. There was an adult t-shirt that said "pint" and a baby t-shirt that said "half pint". If any of the stalls took cards, I think I would have been tempted.

When we left the festival, we (Paul, Paul and I) met up with Sue, Michelle, Ruby and Shelley who were hanging out in Green Park sunning themselves and changing and feeding Stella, Shelley's baby.

The cat came out of the bag when Shelley congratulated me and Paul asked me if I had something to tell him.

So, he's the first friend to know (of mine, anyway).

Sunday, 5 August 2007

it's real now

Well, we've told the family that we're going to be a family.

Sue called all her clan last week, and I told mum and dad and Dan the other day.

I just told Anna this evening, and she wanted to let the rest of the family know... although they already did. Too funny.

So now we can tell those friends and well wishers closest to us. Hurrah.