Monday, 7 April 2008

To sleep... perchance to dream

It's tempting to take the easy path.

We're constantly discovering that with Emily. If she cries, give her whatever will shut her up. If she won't sleep, put her in bed with us, etc. etc. etc.

I realise that developing these bad habits early on is tantamount to guaranteed damnation, but when it's 3.30am and you're desperate for sleep you will do ANYTHING to ensure it comes sooner than later, and that really doesn't include listening to a baby cry itself to sleep for an hour or so.

How will things be when she's two or three and desperate to sleep in our bed or else not sleep? Who knows. I can plan down the road for future events, but with Emily future events seem to end when my eyes close.

Of course, a baby sleeping with you isn't the end of the world. The mid-wife who came to visit said she did it with all her children, and the books only say not to do it for fear of smothering, crushing or overheating your baby, not because they'll never want to leave.

Hopefully we can continue to weave the obstacle course of bringing up baby and come out the other end victorious. I am fully aware we'll make mistakes along the way, just as our parents did with us, but as long as their the small stuff, I'm happy with winning the larger problems.
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