Tuesday, 29 July 2008

More jabs

We took her Eminence to get her 16 week jabs today... at just over 19 weeks. It was a three needle affair.

I managed to entertain her during the first one, but failed miserably during the second and third. She eventually regained her composure and we moved on to weigh her as well. 17 lb 11.5 oz!

One of the side effects from some of the many inoculations Em was given include upset stomach and copious sleep. When we got back home around 3p she nodded off and we had to really rouse her after dinner so she would sleep though the night. There's been no sign of upset tum yet though, which is good.

The weather's cooled down and Em movements have returned to normal colour, so the worry we had about their greenness was probably down to the heat and her sweating more. The midwife said she may have also caught a slight bug which would have turned it green.

All in all, another good day in the life of Em.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Crankies

From all that we've read, it looks like Emily may be in the early stages of teething. The jury's out on when it fully begins and fully ends, with the get out clause "all babies are different", but the tell tale signs are there - the crankies, the rosy cheeks, etc.

I have no idea what to expect from this, and a lot of dread and worry. I don't remember Dan going through this, but I would have only been about 8 at the time, and probably had more Star Wars on my mind that noting down teething information for a potential baby 27 years later.

High on the purchase list for tomorrow is some Bonjela, which is supposed to soothe the savage baby. Over the coming months, we'll see exactly how savage and how much soothing.

I can wait.
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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Evening Horriblus

Both Sue and I have had MUCH better evenings as parents than last night.

First, Sue and Em had a lovely day out in the sun at a local park. However, when I went to wake Em up for an evening feed around 9pm, she was warm... really warm and kinda pink around the face, in the "have you got heatstroke kind of way".

A quick read up in books, etc. told us not to worry unless the symptoms of warm and pink was accompanied by vomiting and some other serious sounding things.

The symptoms were just accompanied by an explosive bout of bowel evacuation, so no problem there.

A quick change later, and a strip down of Em helped get her temp down. We then decided to bathe her in the sink to rinse off some other fluids of her own creation. The sink tap was quite scalding so I decided in my logical manner to run the cold so she wouldn't scald herself on the faucet. Well, the last dregs of water were quite scalding and she screamed and screamed and her leg turned the pink her face was.

We put a wet flannel on her leg and in some weird superhero way, the scald was gone before we went bed. This kinda made me think we've given birth to a baby with superpowers. Is Em going to be like Claire from Heroes? That would be so cool!

Although, I won't be breaking her fingers to see if they grow back.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Usually a train trip home from work with Emily is close enough to torture that I recoil in mental pain at the mere thought. Screaming, squirming, embarrassed looks by other passengers and if you recall my trip on Friday, seat theft of the highest order!

Tonight was none of those things. Having picked her up from day care, we had quite the placid uneventful trip home. She was attentive and inquisitive as we walked along to Moorgate to get the bus.

Having fallen asleep mid-way to London Bridge she awoke half way home. This is usually when the bawling and screaming etc. happens - usually due to tiredness or hunger. Amazingly, she just sat there in her pram looking out the window at other passengers and at me. We giggled, cooed and smiled at each other and not once did she even curl her mouth up in the threat of a cry.

Amazing! I surmise that the lack of sleep she had at daycare was the culprit for her placid demeanour. If so, bring it on.

When we got home, and tiredness took it's hold, she became inconsolable to a degree. I've also discovered that she doesn't take kindly to silicone teats - a truth brought home from reports from the day care centre that she only took about nine ounces of milk all day.

When mummy came home, she was consoled, fed and brought back from the brink of sleep and food deprivation.

Good ole mummy.

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Day care

Sue's got a "come back to work" day or "keep in touch" day today. Bottom line is, she's gone back to work for a day and we've put Emily in Deutsche Bank day care for the day.

This is a huge step. We've left Em with people before, but they've been friends or family and only for a couple of hours while we went to a concert or popped out for dinner.

This moment had to happen sometime, but just looking at her little placid happy face as she left the flat today with mummy... she doesn't really know what's in store!

Sue said the day care centre are going to call her every two hours with updates, which is good and that the younger they are, the more oblivious they are that they've been "abandoned" by their parents. Hopefully this will make things easier down the road - actual day care, first days of school, etc.
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Sunday, 20 July 2008

New Camera!

Well, our new camera's arrived and as such I've been toying around with the settings, etc.

I expect that Sue and I will be filling up many more virtual shoe boxes with images of Emily doing all sorts of things that are only of remote interest to the two of us.

In the meantime, here's a snap I took on a setting called "self portrait". Emily, ever the scene stealer, just had to see what the big deal was about and steal my thunder!
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Friday, 18 July 2008

Train journey problems

On the train journey home tonight was fraught with concern.

Sue had come into town with Emily and passed her on to me like an Olympic baton while she had a well deserved night out with friends.

I made my way to Victoria with Em and then the problem arose. Normally, I've taken Emily back on the train from London Bridge which is pretty much always 1) at least 8 carriages and 2) has a wheel chair area.

Tonight's excursion from Victoria was neither of these things - it was 4 carriages and not a wheelchair or pram area in sight.

What's a dad to do?

Well, I found a "this is for old people" area and pushed her pram in there - taking up 5 seats in the process. In my defence, when we got on the train it wasn't all that full. By the time the train left and people couldn't get on the train due to capacity, I did begin to feel quite guilty.

Thanks to the British resolve, no one actually challenged my brazened theft of good seats, but I surmised that I was doing a favour to one and all in keeping Emily entertained and thus not screaming her lungs out. I also refused to make eye contact with any other travellers.

By the time we got to Thornton Heath, the train had emptied considerably and by Wallington we were one of the last remaining few on the train.

I think in future I need to figure out a decent plan B because this plan A stressed me out more than a trip home with my daughter probably should.
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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Scoocher McGee

Over last week or so, Emily has become an increasingly mobile little creature... and it's worrying.

It all started with her pushing herself off her change matt with her legs. Now it's got to the point where she's "back surfing" around the living room, starting off on her baby gym and ending up across the room in pretty record time. This has all been documented on camera phone by Sue.

It was all smiles and giggles until yesterday when Emily decided to back surf into an ottoman we have near the dining table. Sue was very careful to cover any dangerous surfaces on the coffee table with pillows, but you can never hold a dedicated scootcher down and Emily went careening into the ottoman.

Many tears ensued and we decided sooner rather than later is when we need to baby proof the flat.

So far we have her wriggling and almost being able to turn over on her back, now we have her moving around the room. Her development has been quite interesting to witness.

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Monday, 14 July 2008

Being a Weaner

The last week or so Sue and I have been contemplating the next phase of Emily's life - real food. Most of the books suggest that this phase doesn't start until six months. For Emily that would be September, when she's in Australia with mummy.

However, Sue has been reading another baby book that suggests that weaning can begin as early as four months, depending on size of baby, etc. Well, four months is TOMORROW!

All I can say is, we are not really all that ready to begin the weaning adventure.

I understand it just means you blend the hell out of real food until it's bland and as runny as milk, but I need to read up - do you serve it in a bottle? How much do you give? What if they don't like it? Do you have to play that damn airplane hanger game with them to eat it?

Thankfully my babies guide for dummies is handy, so I'll be doing some weaning boning up when I get home.

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Sleep, my friend, why have you abandoned me?

Ok before I have a go at Emily, I have to offer a mea culpa. The last couple of nights we've kept her up WAY past her bedtime and she's retaliated the only way she knows how - by screaming. (Last night just after arriving home around 10.15p, I'd left her on the sofa while I took my shoes off. When I put her down she was crying, when I looked back after removing said apparel, she was asleep.)

Having said that, we're going through another phase now - ROLLING!

Emily used to just lay there like a doll or a log and if you wanted her to move, you moved her. Now she's figuring out the rolling thing and moving her head, it's becoming increasingly difficult for Sue to feed her without Em's little eyes darting everywhere and her focus on anything but the feed. Invariably she lets go to look at what she's found interesting, realises she's not feeding any more and screams. WONDERFUL!

But I digress, along with the rolling has come the "I don't wanna sleep" phase of life. Sue has called me the last couple of days with tales of how Emily just seems to be missing her afternoon nap. This is setting us up for a fall, as when I get home at night her eyes are glazed over and she has rings around them like an all night factory worker.

We've just got used to her old regime and it looks like we've been thrust into the middle of a new one we've got to learn pretty quick.

At least she's sleeping through the night still. Although, being awoken at 6am is still jarring on the system, it's not as bad as it is for Sue who has to feed the little tyke.

I'm just getting used to showing up at work with my own bags under my eyes and the constant yawn.
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Wednesday, 9 July 2008


It's my birthday today, and as a special treat, I got a present from my daughter. My first birthday as a dad.

The birthday cards sitting on the "mantle" now read - "to my husband", "to our son", "to my nephew", "to my dad" and ... oddly.. "to my sister-in-law".

Went out for steak tonight at Smith & Western and Emily was way over tired and didn't take kindly to not being at home or in bed. Sue eventually took her outside to rock her and feed her, leaving me at the table to guard the possessions - keys, phones, wallets, etc.

Em eventually nodded off during the main course and we had a nice quite meal (apart from the kids at the other table - which we hope to God Emily doesn't act like at that age!)

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Monday, 7 July 2008

Partying and baby sleeps

This weekend we went away overnight to a friend of Sue's for a birthday party in the country.

Again, Emily was the star of the show, with her grinning face illuminating the room and everyone wanting a cuddle. One downfall was we didn't really get Emily to get until about 1.30am. Not too bad, except her usual bedtime is about 7.30pm... 9pm at a push.

The benefit of her being absolutely exhausted was that I could get her to go to sleep with just a little persuasion. Lately, she's not been going to sleep on her own and has needed a last feed to "knock her out" as the case may be.

Sue and I are a bit worried that this will continue and she'll be 15, sitting at the dining table with her face in her food as the only way to get her to sleep.

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