Thursday, 31 January 2008

Still a bit quesy

At ante-natal class tonight we did the usual stuff, talking about labour and pain and what we can do to help the wives and such.

Then we had some photos passed round of the actual event, blood, guts, baby heads, etc.

Having actually felt physically queasy, I've decided that I am still easily queasy, blood wise and that during labour I will not be venturing anywhere near the business end.

Apparently, if I faint they just walk over me, so that would no use to anyone!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Pain of Childbirth

Having a baby, everyone talks about the pain of childbirth. You get that labour hurts, that there's blood and contractions and needles in the spine.

You also kinda understand the pain during pregnancy, as it relates to having a bowling ball in your belly. Back pain should be a given.

Sue's got pain all over, and in places that I wouldn't suspect being a pregnancy pain centre. She's got pregnancy-related carpal tunnel which means both her arms and hands are so swollen and painful she has to wear splints at night. While this makes for funny Wonder Woman-style hi-jinks, she still is in vast amounts of pain.

There's also issues like pregnancy related high-blood pressure, and as the baby is constantly pressing on bits and pieces, there's the continuous up and down in the night that takes a toll on a person's energy levels during the day... not the mention the lack of energy due to hauling a bowling ball.

All in all, I've come to realise that the pain of childbirth basically ENDS with labour, not begins.

Monday, 21 January 2008

You Reeka Moment

This whole baby lark is starting to hit me in dribs and drabs.

Yesterday, in Asda, we bought newborn nappies, and like that boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark that just about hits Indiana on his escape, it hit me that... whack... we ARE having a baby. Sue's not just fat, with bloated fingers and problems bending over, it's actually leading to something, and something big!

Now we have to focus on finishing the "big shop" - stroller (to be sourced from Mothercare, via cashback website), crib/bed combo and the nappies.

Here's to giving the credit card a good baby-sized bashing.

41 Days and counting

Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the desert.

I've got 41 days and I think 40 nights before our baby is actually due.

Talking to all and sundry about whether it'll be early, on time or late. It's anyone's guess.

The mid-wife says the baby is in "firing position", so I take that to mean from next weekend on (or possibly the weekend after), we wait in a state of perpetual cat-like readiness - bags packed, no long trips to anywhere, a full tank of petrol in the car, keys at the ready and a full-charged battery in the video camera.

Oh, and access to update the blog (most important, this last one). Here's to the next 40 days before our life changes for ever!!!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Aches and pains

I can imagine that once baby comes, we'll have so little sleep that every ache and pain's intensity will be heightened by the hallucinatory nature of sleep deprivation. Until that point comes though, we're currently dealing with another issue squarely in the ache and pain category.

Sue's hands have become quite bloated and painful, to the point where I'm opening milk bottles and doing things that most of us (without crippling arthritis) take for granted. We're keenly aware this is obviously pregnancy related, but offers a startling window into what life when we're in our 70s or 80s might be like (i.e. stricken with arthritis).

When baby comes, I fully expect Sue to make a full recovery, and then she can put her wedding ring back on and we can go back to being a happily married couple with a new bubby.

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Thursday, 17 January 2008

NCT Ante-Natal, take 2

Had our second NCT ante-natal class tonight. Sue and I both missed the Tuesday NHS one, with work commitments. Hoping to go next week!

At NCT we talked about the drugs you'd use during labour, what labour meant to the blokes and what the women would go through.

At one point we talked about administering Vitamin K (helps with blood clotting) to the new born, as the child will be born with rather low levels. This got me worried (oh HERE we go!) about haemophilia in the baby. Of course, the administering of the vitamin CAN lead to childhood leukaemia, so there's another concern.

We're having a good time in the small class, but I think Sue's becoming a bit put off as there's lots of exercises to get you thinking about things. I quite enjoy having to think about what exactly labour might feel like or the pros and cons of an epidural. If we were just told, there's always the possibility you'd tune out or doze off.

Looking forward to next week!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

NCT AnteNatal classes

Did our first ante-natal class tonight and it went quite well.

As the topic was on labour, all my worries and fears about money and whether we'll give birth to a drug dealing chav were replaced by all sorts of labour-related worries.

We discussed the pros and cons of home birth over hospital birth, got to know some other new parents to be (and realised we're the only ones in the class not going to Mayday hospital in Croydon), shared some tea and biscuits and basically figured out that come labour time, there's going to be no rest for the wicked or the parents to be.

First time labour can last up to 24 hours, so I'm gearing up for quite an emotional day or two come early March.

Not sure what we're discussing next week, but I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Anti Natal

Now that we're back from Oz and feeling healthy, it's all guns a blazin', babywise.

Last week our NCT ante-natal classes started. We were on a plane so obviously didn't go.

This morning, our first NHS class kicked off. I didn't go.

Sue's decided to suss out the NHS one to see if I really need to take the next eight or so Tuesday mornings off. She's a tad worried about looking like Betty no-father-for-baby but a phone call from or to her this arvo should figure that one out.

Apart from the classes to teach us how to breathe and such, we now have to begin the crusade to get the flat baby-friendly. This is going to be an immense uphill battle as we're both kinda wishing we could move instead of dealing with a flat was too small for two.