Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Emily's getting to that age where she's able to focus on things (like faces, etc.) and she can stay awake without bawling her eyes out for food.

Last night I had an entertaining play time with her sticking my tongue out and just generally trying to keep her entertained. I also got a couple of smiles out of her which was pretty nice.

I was reading today about how to play with babies, especially how to play without toys (as Emily doesn't seem interested in holding anything at the moment).

It basically broke down "playtime" into a number of categories - nursery rhymes, let baby mimic you, talk to baby and let baby play with household items.

We haven't really done many nursery rhymes with Emily, but the advice also says to tickle her and get her involved. I can do this!

On the mimic front, it suggests smiling or sticking your tongue out and getting baby to do the same. Having read this, I'm glad I was able to discover this last night for myself.

Both Sue and I talk and sing to Emily, and we get the odd response, but the advice says "babies don’t have to be able to talk to have a conversation" which is encouraging.

I have a suspicion that they only need to cry to have a conversation. FEED ME NOW!

Ah the joys of parenthood continue.
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