Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Lunch with the ladies

Just finished having lunch with mum, Sue and Emily at a restaurant near work.

A big adventure for all involved. Mum and Sue and Emily had travelled to Balham by train for a dental visit, and from Balham to Tottenham Court Road by tube. They regaled me over lunch with tales of issues and problems involved with clambering up and down stairs with baby, push chair, nappy bag, etc.

I don't know how young families are meant to cope. We're quite lucky living in Suburbia that we can get everything we really need - food, etc. - without having to resort to undergrounds or trains or taxis. Being a truly dependent urban young family must be quite a trial.

It was Emily's first visit to a restaurant and as such behaved herself quite well. Sue fed her while waiting for her lasagne and then Em lay quite happily in her "coffin" and just grizzled a bit when her dummy fell out.

I was originally going to bring her up to show my colleagues, but don't really feel comfortable doing that. Had I still worked at AOL, I would have shown her off in a heartbeat. Such is the variety of work environments we see ourselves in these days, I guess.

The girls have a couple more adventures today before they head home. Sue has to go talk to her Uni lecturer, then stop in at her office to show off the newborn show pony.

Hopefully all this adventuring will mean a peaceful night sleep for mummy and daddy and Emily, but I wouldn't be placing any bets on it.
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