Sunday, 20 April 2008

Remorseless, just remorseless

So far between Sue and I, when one of us has been off our nut with tiredness, the other has held the mantle of sanity and let it prevail. These days, with the sleep deprivation that Emily has wrought on us, it's been really difficult keeping it real, as the street kids say.

The last few days, the little tyke has been relentless in her eating... and subsequent crying if point A is not fulfilled. As the non-lactating parent, I can but look on as Sue cries things along the lines of "not more!" and "aren't you full yet?" I then roll over for more sleep as she spends hours at a time giving Emily her food.

I do what I can, trying to entertain Emily to give Sue some moments to regroup mentally. It's difficult entertaining something that is essentially a remorseless eating machine, but at least I was able to get all the way through an episode of "The Fall Guy" today before her lungs tore the air a new one.

Back to the very fragile layer of sanity that is still among us.

The breaking point almost came today. We went to Mothercare to buy Emily a "Flutterbye Dreams Swing" from Fisher Price. It's a motorised swing (that takes 4 D batteries and 4 AA batteries!!!!) designed to shut your grizzling child up and entertain them with noise, lights and fluffy creatures.

It did none of these things.

Emily sat in the seat and grizzled. Sue sat on the sofa and grizzled. I sat there wondering why a child would not want to enjoy a piece of kit so obviously designed to please a child.

The search for peace continues.

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