Friday, 27 March 2009

My baby the cling-on

In the past week or so, Emily has developed the habit of clinging on to Sue or I for dear life. I realise that clingyness is a phase of childhood, but Emmers has quite the grip and we're really not sure what's brought it on.

She's also drooling quite a bit at the moment and crying loudly for no apparent reason. We're assuming it's another bout of teething, but can't be too sure.

She's a good kid who has tanties or gets upset only as a last resort, so to be drooling or clingy, we're hoping it's for an obvious reason.
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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Second birthday... or sorts

As the NCT crew all gave birth around the same time, the mums all decided it was best to have one joint birthday than a load of lttle ones - this just meant that we could do what we wanted for the individual birthdays and not worry about leaving people out.

We all met up today at Godstone Farm, just off the M25. Before we went I imagined some hick adventure where they just had a field of animals you could look at while the farm hands went about their business. The reality was quite different. It's truly a place for the whole family, with areas you can pet various animals, tea rooms, and a "Play Barn" for children older than Emily and her cronies. There were a fair few people walking around with presents as well as you can have kids parties here.

The weather yesterday was the icing on the cake. Warm and sunny made walking around looking at and petting animals all that more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to going back so I can take a tractor ride!
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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Birthday is here!

Well, it's been 365 days since we first welcomed the screaming bundle of joy called Emily into the world. I can't believe how quick his past 12 months has gone. We've gone through loads of stuff - ups and down, holidays, parties - and come out the other end a fully rounded toddler.

She had her party yesterday, so today was just Sue, Em, mum and I. Sue was working on some work stuff so mum, Em and I went to Wallington for a coffee. Later we decided to go for a drive to Boxhill, which on a day like today, never fails to impress.

We were going to go for dinner somewhere, but everyone had decided to go out to eat. No fear, we had a nice spag bol at home. I think Em enjoyed her day, especially as we webcammed Australia while we opened the presents they sent. We also opened the presents from Sue and I and my mum, so it was a good couple of days for present receiving for Emmers.

With her birthday here, I vowed I would stop updating this blog. However, as blog worthy events continue, I will document them here - first words, walking, etc. It's only right.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

364 days!

Even though Emily is one tomorrow, we've had her party today. There was enough food and drink and loads of people came - friends, family and BABIES!

Emily also received a lot of pressies, which was nice. I was so preoccupied with making sure the day went well I almost forgot she'd get anything. There were toys and clothes and such, so the last thing we have to do for Em is send out thank you notes and her second year can officially begin.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day weather-wise, so it will be nice to have a low-key family day to celebrate Em's official birthday. At 12.45 (or thereabouts) she begins her second year - an achievement that's come a lot quicker than either Sue or I would have believed.

She's developed so much in the last 364 days, I can only imagine what the next 364 have to offer.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Round and Round the garden

We have discovered that Emily absolutely loves Round and Round the garden, especially done with the actions. As you're tracing your fingers around her palms, you can see her face tensing up knowing that the "one step, two step tickle you under there" is only seconds away. It's quite a treat to watch and a good way to distract her.
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Pre-birthday sorting out

With Sue off today, we decided to do a couple of pre-birthday activities. These included getting some food and a cake tin. More interestingly, we also took Emily to get weighed and measured.

Having undressed the little tyke, we discovered that she now weighs around 24 lb (or 10 kg). Back when she was smaller she was hovering ever so close to the top of the chart in weight. I think now she's slightly more active, she's actually dropped down to mid 80s. When she actually gets to running and being really active I can imagine she'll drop even more. At 81 cm, however, she's off the chart for height in her age group. This bears out as she is probably as tall as kids 6-8 months older than her. We've been told that her face looks older as well.

Emily getting her first haircutOn Friday we also took Em to have her first haircut. Up to this point we'd just been letting it grow from birth and it was getting a touch unruly.

The place we took her was very geared up to cutting kids' hair - they had the small seats, loads of toys, and Emily got a 1st Haircut Certificate as well as an envelope of hair which we can give as party favours tomorrow (I'm guessing).

The haircut's made her look like a proper little girl, as she now has a very noticeable fringe.

Mum managed to find the place as well so the three of us watched as Em sat and very happily (if not a bit fidgetly) let the girl cut her bonce.

Another first for Emmers then.

Sunday, 8 March 2009


With Emily turning one next week - next Sunday - it's amazing how much she has to learn, but also how much she is learning. There are days when it seems she's picking up new skills quite quickly (like looking like Elton John).

This week, she's pretty much learned to self-wean, even with smallish items like blueberries. Up until this past week she wasn't really doing any self-feeding.

We've also got her standing around. Although this is a FAR cry from walking, it's a good step towards balance and stability. Sue's been doing baby steps with Emily too this weekend, so the next step I guess is Emily walking along the furniture.

Emily's also started waving, with what we can only assume to be intent. Previously she'd flail her arms relentlessly and if it was we were greeting or leaving, we'd attribute it to a wave. Now though, she seems to be doing it on purpose.

One of the lesser wanted traits she's developing is the tantrum, or "tanty". Yesterday, her face went bright red and all screamy, as her attempts to get a drink failed ... badly.

I guess we have to take all the good with the bad. I can't wait until she can walk, or talk or read, etc. but I know it'll be tempered with the moods, the tanties and the terrible twos.
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Friday, 6 March 2009

Growings up to do.

Emily and I went to visit the Feakins twins yesterday, as their dad Paul is also off on Thursday. It was a nice dads / babies afternoon. However, whenever you're with other children of a similar age to your own, you always end up comparing "feats".

For instance, when it comes to eating, Emily will attempt to cram everything in her hand into her mouth. She hasn't grasped the concept of ripping toast, etc. with her teeth and having a second bite. The twins however, were sitting quite nicely with a WHOLE rice cracker in one hand a sippy cup in t'other. Emily will drink from the sippy cup if you hold it to her mouth. Although, today was the first time (I've seen) that she took the cup, held it herself and drank while I just sat and watched.

Paul was also telling me - and I got to see - the twins feed themselves WITH SPOONS! Emily's able to self-wean to a degree, but again she crams in her mouth, etc. and if we give her a spoon ... well, we don't anymore. Put it that way.

Having reported these marvels to Sue, I was told we need to train Emily better. The self-weaning is coming along, as is the teethbrushing (we do it, but at least she lets us). We just have to be as vigilant with drinking, and biting off food, and holding spoons as we are with trying to get her to stand, crawl and wave buh-bye.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Window dressing

Recently, Emily has taken to staring out the front window as a new favourite activity.

I don't know if she's looking at cars, birds or leaves on the trees, but it seems to placate her. The nice thing is she's doing it without the need for toys or other stimulus, which can only be good for her development.

If I put her anywhere near the loveseat in the window, she stands up turns to face the window and starts to grab at the curtains to get an unfettered look at the outside world.

Of course, like any child, she doesn't like to do this for that long as there's just so much else to do in a day, but she can keep herself busy for about 30 minutes, depending on what's going on outside.

This is probably the one and only time I'm happy to live on a busy main road.
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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Birthday approaches

It's hard to believe that Em's birthday is fast approaching. When I started this blog it was really only a document of Sue's pregnancy. I'm really glad I decided to keep at it and document Em's first year.

There's been so many changes in the last 11.5 months. She's gained eight teeth, started weaning (and self weaning to a degree), she's become more vocal and an actual joy to be around (before she just wasn't all that aware of her surroundings).

I'm constantly amazed how spending time with her can be so enjoyable. She doesn't really do much, can't hold a conversation and is quite dependent for everything - from drinks to replacing toys that have fallen out of arm's reach. For some reason though it works, and she's just a real enjoyable time pit.

I really look forward to what the next few years have to offer. As I've mentioned in this blog time and again, I'm quite cynical that all will be smooth from now until the end of her days.

If there's anything having a child has taught me, it's to look back, not only on my life, but the lives of those I've grown up with and just think about the choices we've made and where they led up to. Whether it's the teen mother, the tearaway junkie who had it all and threw it away or the high school loser who's now raking in the money.

All these futures are available for Em and I guess it's up to us to guide her properly so she can choose the right one.