Sunday, 24 January 2010

Healthy food for toddlers

Like most working parents, Sue and I sometimes find it difficult to find the time to make meaningful homecooked meals. We could out and about and Emily could intone hunger. It's always been quite handy and convenient to have a few baby ready meals at the "ready" just in case.

With most things baby and toddler related, you take it as read that the nutrition involved is geared to promoting the health and nutritional needs of growing children. Apparently, this is not always the case.

In a report on tonight's Panorama, the subject of baby and toddler grub, especially in the ready meal market, is discussed at great length. A lot of the discussion will apparently focus on daycare centres and the food they serve. Hopefully, with Emily at a private child minder, the food she receives is of a slightly higher nutritional value.

There's also discussion about the "nutritional traffic light" that appears on adult food to signal things like saturated fat, salt and calories. This type of nutritional info isn't required on children's food and stuff labelled as "children only" can sometimes contain things parents should be warned about, like increased sugar levels.

The secret in keeping our kids healthy is to make all meals at home from scratch, but this is never 100% possible. Hopefully watching Panorama tonight will steer me on the right path when we do need to supplement Emily's diet with ready made grub.

Panorama: What's Really in Our Kids' Food, BBC One, Monday, 25 January at 2030GMT.

Monday, 11 January 2010

The runny bum blues

For the last couple of days, Emily's had horrific nappies. We're talking sloppy chilli here, not the usual "moist but lumpy". It's got to the point at certain changes where she's overflowed her nappy, turning her clothes a stinky shade of brown.

Naturally Sue and I are quite worried, but a gleam of light was shone today when Helen mentioned that she might be teething with molars.

Apparently nasty nappies are quite a common side effect of back teeth coming in. Em dribbles seemingly all the time now, so we've stopped putting THAT down to teething but we're hoping this latest revelation turns out to be true.

Everytime I put my fingers anywhere near her mouth to check she tries to bite me, so we'll have to take Helen's word for it.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Christmas is now over

Elmo LiveImage by nickstone333 via Flickr
We had a delivery last night that officially marked the end of Christmas for Emily.

Elmo Live was waiting for us when we got home, a present from Emily's uncles in Australia. She was enamoured with him in Kuala Lumpur airport and we thought it would be a nice present... rightly so.

Emily really didn't "get" Christmas, and I didn't really expect her to. She enjoyed the wrapping paper and the new toys that materialised, but I think Christmas is all about the build up, the anticipation. The actual day is always over FAR too soon.

I imagine that Em will start to really soak the festive season in when she 3 or 4. Obviously when she starts school it'll be drummed into her like every other mini-consumer in her class.

For Sue and I, the holiday season also meant spending loads and loads of time with Emily without having to go to work. That was one of the better presents this year.
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