Saturday, 15 March 2008

Home now

Introducing miss Emily JohnI managed to steal away for the evening, leaving Sue and Emily behind in the delivery room. According to the mid-wife, they'll be transferred down to the post-natal maternity ward this evening.

I've brushed my teeth, trying to remove some of my chocolate-based food from the day from my mouth. Also packed up some extra outfits for Sue and Em ready to go back tomorrow.

Still wondering how to play the visitor game. As Sue and bubby are in hospital for a few days, do we let people come visit - especially tomorrow as it's Sunday - or do we get them to come to the house on Easter Weekend?

On a lighter note, this baby's already cost me money. The car park at the hospital cost £24 for just under 24 hour stay. OUCH! A taster of things to come I guess.
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