Thursday, 20 March 2008

getting to grips with this being

We had quite the adventure today. Woke up around 10 am!!!! After Emily had woken us up at 6am for a feed (having previously fed and fallen asleep around midnight), I managed to collapse back into a sleep deprived heap for a few hours.

The health visitor / mid-wife showed up around 10.30 to show us how to care for Emily, hygiene-wise. The daily wash mixed with the weekly bath was demonstrated.

Before we knew it, it was almost 1pm and "Uncle John" had come over for a visit, and to join us on our latest adventure - leaving the flat. I originally envisioned a glorious warm, sunny day for this, so obviously the actual rainy, gloomy, cold wet Thursday was a bit of a let down.

However, we persevered and went to the local library for some lunch (they have a lovely cafe out back). During our lunch, Em acted up and Sue had to do an impromptu feed, realising she wasn't actually dressed for it (not the easiest access top, you see).

Eventually made it back to the flat after acquiring a further two pacifiers and attempted to have a nice quiet evening in.

As I type this, Sue has lost the battle with consciousness and is passed out in the bedroom, while Emily dozes beside me, pacifier lying next to her. I am catching up on this blog and listening to some Smiths.

The more life changes, the more it stays the same. Fingers crossed Em stays asleep for a bit, but it's nice to know that powered by pacifier, she CAN be awake and not feed! Gives Sue's boobs a break and us a chance to talk and sing to her without her wailing like a banshee.

Everyday we're learning!
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