Monday, 24 March 2008

What's goin' on?

Marvin Gaye asked it in 1971, I'm asking it today - "What's goin' on"?

For the last two days our little bundle of joy has been devil spawn with her screaming, crying, and general not going to sleep.

Last night she slept what we adults would almost classify a full night's sleep. Today, she's been asleep more than awake, even when the mid-wife came to check her out. She stirred, went back in the Moses basket and whoop, she was out.

Tonight, she's been a bit grumpy, but nothing a feed couldn't solve.

It's been nice, especially after the last couple of days. Sue and I are just trying to distil the issue, much like on an episode of CSI. Is it a growth spurt? Is she over stimulated with all the new people she's met? Is she just coming to terms with being in a new home? Is her gastrointestinal system working out some kinks as it gets used?

We may never know, but as long as she's serene and happy and there's no more blood curdlers, we won't have to further out examination.

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