Saturday, 22 March 2008

Inconsolable you

Having thought we'd come to grips with Emily, today's thrown us a complete curve ball.

She's been grouchy and inconsolable almost all day. Having read up in the books and on the net, it looks like she's going through a growth spurt already! So no colic, which is a Godsend! The first growth spurt is apparently around day seven and can last sometimes a week!

She's been perpetually hungry, eating all the time and falling asleep during feed. When we move her, she wakes up, grizzles and needs a feed again. If this were to continue for any length of time, I can imagine it would try our patience to no end. Please, please, please, just be a growth spurt!

Emily is a week old today. At 11.38 she achieved 168 hours alive, around 100 of those awake... as the bags under mummy and daddy's eyes are beginning to attest.

We went to our new favourite eatery today for a coffee and a getting out of the flat expedition. Just like Thursday it was a HORRID day out, weather-wise. Grey, cold and windy. Still not sure why we didn't go out yesterday, at least there was sun!

We only had one visitor today. I think yesterday when Paul, Sally and Ben were here that dear little Em got a touch over stimulated. Having said that, I've been playing my guitar while mummy and daddy sang to her today. If that's not crazy stimulation, I'll eat my shoe.

Tomorrow is Easter and we have a nice roast meal to be getting on with. Times like this I'm glad MY mum's here.
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