Sunday, 23 March 2008

Emily John: Blood Curdler!

For the most part Emily's been a good newborn. Sue and I have attempted to understand her communication - which has mainly focused on "I NEED TO EAT".

This evening - Easter Sunday - however, and to some part yesterday, Emily has been emitting screams of a blood curdling nature which can only be interpreted as one thing "I AM IN PAIN". Now I'll be the first to admit that we have a windy baby, which is not uncommon. However, when that wind goes in (as extra gulps during feed, etc.) and doesn't come out, you have issues.

You can only burp a newborn for so long before you start looking for other reasons for the horrible screams of distress. When you have a baby screams DURING feeding you can pretty much assume things are wrong.

By trial and error and the eventual sweet relief of baby fart noises, we eventually got Emily off to sleep, but the in-between time has been quite trying. There's anti-gas drops you can get for infants which we may get for the bad times, but I assume you have to administer them BEFORE the baby is in distress, which could be problematic.

Sue is also playing to over-stimulation card. We did have a few people over for Easter dinner and it was quite hectic with the cooking and celebratory bubbly out.

Thankfully tomorrow we only have one set of visitors.
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