Friday, 13 March 2009

Pre-birthday sorting out

With Sue off today, we decided to do a couple of pre-birthday activities. These included getting some food and a cake tin. More interestingly, we also took Emily to get weighed and measured.

Having undressed the little tyke, we discovered that she now weighs around 24 lb (or 10 kg). Back when she was smaller she was hovering ever so close to the top of the chart in weight. I think now she's slightly more active, she's actually dropped down to mid 80s. When she actually gets to running and being really active I can imagine she'll drop even more. At 81 cm, however, she's off the chart for height in her age group. This bears out as she is probably as tall as kids 6-8 months older than her. We've been told that her face looks older as well.

Emily getting her first haircutOn Friday we also took Em to have her first haircut. Up to this point we'd just been letting it grow from birth and it was getting a touch unruly.

The place we took her was very geared up to cutting kids' hair - they had the small seats, loads of toys, and Emily got a 1st Haircut Certificate as well as an envelope of hair which we can give as party favours tomorrow (I'm guessing).

The haircut's made her look like a proper little girl, as she now has a very noticeable fringe.

Mum managed to find the place as well so the three of us watched as Em sat and very happily (if not a bit fidgetly) let the girl cut her bonce.

Another first for Emmers then.
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