Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Window dressing

Recently, Emily has taken to staring out the front window as a new favourite activity.

I don't know if she's looking at cars, birds or leaves on the trees, but it seems to placate her. The nice thing is she's doing it without the need for toys or other stimulus, which can only be good for her development.

If I put her anywhere near the loveseat in the window, she stands up turns to face the window and starts to grab at the curtains to get an unfettered look at the outside world.

Of course, like any child, she doesn't like to do this for that long as there's just so much else to do in a day, but she can keep herself busy for about 30 minutes, depending on what's going on outside.

This is probably the one and only time I'm happy to live on a busy main road.
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