Saturday, 21 March 2009

Second birthday... or sorts

As the NCT crew all gave birth around the same time, the mums all decided it was best to have one joint birthday than a load of lttle ones - this just meant that we could do what we wanted for the individual birthdays and not worry about leaving people out.

We all met up today at Godstone Farm, just off the M25. Before we went I imagined some hick adventure where they just had a field of animals you could look at while the farm hands went about their business. The reality was quite different. It's truly a place for the whole family, with areas you can pet various animals, tea rooms, and a "Play Barn" for children older than Emily and her cronies. There were a fair few people walking around with presents as well as you can have kids parties here.

The weather yesterday was the icing on the cake. Warm and sunny made walking around looking at and petting animals all that more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to going back so I can take a tractor ride!
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