Sunday, 8 March 2009


With Emily turning one next week - next Sunday - it's amazing how much she has to learn, but also how much she is learning. There are days when it seems she's picking up new skills quite quickly (like looking like Elton John).

This week, she's pretty much learned to self-wean, even with smallish items like blueberries. Up until this past week she wasn't really doing any self-feeding.

We've also got her standing around. Although this is a FAR cry from walking, it's a good step towards balance and stability. Sue's been doing baby steps with Emily too this weekend, so the next step I guess is Emily walking along the furniture.

Emily's also started waving, with what we can only assume to be intent. Previously she'd flail her arms relentlessly and if it was we were greeting or leaving, we'd attribute it to a wave. Now though, she seems to be doing it on purpose.

One of the lesser wanted traits she's developing is the tantrum, or "tanty". Yesterday, her face went bright red and all screamy, as her attempts to get a drink failed ... badly.

I guess we have to take all the good with the bad. I can't wait until she can walk, or talk or read, etc. but I know it'll be tempered with the moods, the tanties and the terrible twos.
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