Sunday, 15 March 2009

Birthday is here!

Well, it's been 365 days since we first welcomed the screaming bundle of joy called Emily into the world. I can't believe how quick his past 12 months has gone. We've gone through loads of stuff - ups and down, holidays, parties - and come out the other end a fully rounded toddler.

She had her party yesterday, so today was just Sue, Em, mum and I. Sue was working on some work stuff so mum, Em and I went to Wallington for a coffee. Later we decided to go for a drive to Boxhill, which on a day like today, never fails to impress.

We were going to go for dinner somewhere, but everyone had decided to go out to eat. No fear, we had a nice spag bol at home. I think Em enjoyed her day, especially as we webcammed Australia while we opened the presents they sent. We also opened the presents from Sue and I and my mum, so it was a good couple of days for present receiving for Emmers.

With her birthday here, I vowed I would stop updating this blog. However, as blog worthy events continue, I will document them here - first words, walking, etc. It's only right.
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