Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Breastfeeding session

Went to the breastfeeding class last night.

Wasn't really sure what to expect when we got there. Unlike the other ante-natal classes, this one took place in the home of one of the breastfeeding counsellors.

It was quite a laid back, almost question / answer session, where the pros and cons were laid out in front of us.

Having said that, apart from feeding every 2-3 hours (the look of Sue's face at the mention of that was priceless), there really seemed to be no downside to breastfeeding. The baby gets contact with mum, immunities and antibodies are passed down through the milk, baby needs less feed and less winding (as there's not much air in the breastmilk delivery method), there's less need to sterilise bottles, etc. and the most important thing - I don't have to feed baby.

It looks like we'll try it for about three months, and then see how much sleep Sue's actually getting.

I've been wearing an NCT bracelet that says "Breastfeeding makes a difference" for months, mainly because I paid admission to the NCT nearly new sale and received it in my admission pack. What I was wearing as an almost defiant joke I now actually believe. Funny that.

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