Thursday, 7 February 2008

Real Life babies!

At the ante-natal class tonight, we had real life parents come in with their newborns.

Good grief are they small! They literally are sleeping, pooping, eating machines at that age. It was incredible.

The new parents regaled us with tales of birth giving and gave us hints on how to survive what could be 12 hours or what could be 3 days of labour.

The rest of the class we discussed what we'll actually do with baby and what different poos looked like. One apparently looks and smells like pesto. Bring that one on! "More garlic in the breastmilk, please mummy!"

Twas another good evening and I was kind of saddened to realise that we only have one more week left. However, we've got a bumper week as Monday is breastfeeding class and then there's the usual Thursday.

We're still no clearer on when our baby might come. One of the new parents was 10 days late, the other was pretty much on time.
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