Saturday, 2 February 2008

Hospital tour

We did the tour of the hospital today.

Saw the labour ward and the post-natal ward. It's not as grim as I was imagining and nowhere near as posh as shows like Scrubs make it out to be.

The waiting room was a disaster. They had filled it with ripped banquets that seem to have been salvaged from the local tip. The mid-wife then added "we ask family and friends to stay at home to await the news" as if anyone could survive more than a mere glance of the waiting room.

We saw the room with the bath in it and all the PatientLine phone/TV combos. Of special note there, I own shares in that collapsing company so was intrigued to see my ill advised investment at work (bought shares at £1.30 each, currently trading around 4p).

One of Sue's books has advised to pack the hospital bag now! and the NCT class advises us to bring cleaning supplies, which Sue asked the mid-wife at the hospital about.

I was really hoping she'd say "yeah, we're so filthy our patients double as cleaners", but she gave the usual line that an MRSA-denier would "No, we're clean. That [your info] is wrong."

So now we know where to go when the waters break.
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