Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Maternity action!

Not sure who's bright idea it was to decide to move with a baby on the way in about a week, but alas, the shift from two bed flat to full on house is upon us.

To that end, Sue's been using her maternity time so far to do far more than the required stretching out on the sofa and relaxing. We've ... well, Sue's now packed a number of boxes we've taken to storage and she's been running around doing all manner of things not befitting someone who's about to drop one.

Everyone's amazed that Sue is as active as she is with so little time to go. Apart from the nesting / packing / getting the place ready to put on the market, she's driving around town and attending University twice a week.

That would be a herculean task if she was only preggers, but with all that ails her, I am amazed and impressed that she finds the power to get out of bed in the morning.

A new ailment crept in the other day, aching knees. Will this laundry list of physical ills never end? Actually, it will... in about 10 days time.
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