Monday, 25 February 2008

Counting down the days

Well, we're now into the final week with baby being due this coming Sunday. Sue's energy levels and physical abilities are at an all time low. She's being wiped out by showering and folding, so is spending large chunks of time in bed, which she desperately needs. She's likening her condition to having the flu, but with no flu symptoms.

We're off to the hospital tomorrow to get her checked out for blood pressure and fluid retention / puffiness concerns. Hopefully the more rest she gets, the lower the blood pressure goes.

Sue's also been reading that if you have aches in your shoulders or arms, it can be pre-eclampsia (sic) which is never good, so it's even more pressing we get to the hospital tomorrow.

I've been reading stats on what you can expect during Week 40, and only 5% of babies arrive on time, with 80% missing their due date. I imagine this time next week our lives will be irrevocably changed, for the better.
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