Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Immunisation Jabs

Took Emily to get her immunisation jabs yesterday.

We were told she'd probably have a reaction against them as they're really just small (mostly harmless) doses of illness to which one develops immunities. Thankfully there was no side-effects... yet. Emily came through the "ordeal" like a trooper. There were tears, probably her first tears, but that was probably a mix of the jab pain and her hunger, as she was wailing like a banshee before the jabs.

We bought some Calpol at Boots just to be safe regarding any side effects, and dosed her up during feeding to be on the safe side. One of the side effects of Calpol (apparently) is your child sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Between 3pm and midnight she was awake for a total of about 40 minutes.

Why parents don't go down the Calpol route all the time for a restful evening's peace was made clear by the warning, something about excessive use can cause liver failure.
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