Monday, 5 May 2008

Another first

This weekend we bundled up and headed off to Basingstoke to stay with cousin Ben.

This was the first time Emily had stayed over somewhere (can't really say "slept" as she sleeps everywhere) other than the hospital or home... ever!

It went pretty much to clockwork, although we had to fill the car up with loads and loads of stuff, all really for her - Moses basket, changes of clothes, change mats, nappies, wipes, pram, etc.

She was pretty good during the trip, as Sue and I were a tad worried the unfamiliar surrounding might set her off. On Sunday we all headed down to Southampton where I watched the Saints stave off relegation with Ben. Sue and Em mooched around the West Quays shopping centre. To celebrate the win, I bought Em a Saints baby grow. I think this is the first real purchase I've made for her since her birth (that wasn't a joint decision or out of necessity).

This weekend's trip was a test for what is to come later in the summer with our trip to Spain and Sue and Em's voyage down under in September.

They'll probably go just as well.
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