Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Baby Axioms to live by, #2

Got a call from Sue today. Apparently Emily was soaking wet this morning. Not from sweat (as it's been quite warm) but from bucket loads of wee. You see, having not slept much yesterday, Emily was fast asleep when I got home last night about 9pm. She woke up for a feed around 4pm, at which point she didn't whiff, so no change.

When Sue went to pick her up this morning around 9am, her 12 hours of single-nappydom resulted in her weeing through her nappy, through her 2 blankets, through the bedsheet, through the duvet under the bedsheet and onto the mattress.

Golden axiom to live by here? Never let baby go too long without changing.

This is up there with "never wake a sleeping child" which we learned pretty early on from a mid-wife.

Can't wait to sleep on my wee-soaked bed tonight!
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