Sunday, 11 May 2008

Kinda Crappy

Last night was a two fold discovery of things you don't really want to worry about or experience.

As it's been warm recently, we decided to bathe Emily. Now every time you bathe a child, it's like free-falling without a parachute, you could be covered in all manner of excrement at any time. Up until last night we had been blessed with an effluence free bathing experience.

Tonight Sue decided to hop in the bath with Em and have some skin on skin contact, which all the experts say is good for both parties. As soon as she hopped in and rubbed Em's tummy, there's was a God-almighty fart followed by what we like to call "hard gas" (i.e. follow through). Sue leapt out of the bath like a bat out of hell and I was left to try and corral the little yellow flecks down the drain, fill the tub and start the whole procedure all over again.

Now baby farts are usually like Tusken Raiders, they travel in packs. Where one appears, more are soon to follow. Needless to say, it was a race to bathe and dry Emily before the rest of the gaseous monsters decided to make their presence felt. We managed to finish the bath and get her clothed without being subjected to any other bowel-dwelling surprises.

However, having washed Em's head we realised there was a nasty amount of what looked like dry skin. Fearing the worst, Sue declared that Emily had cradle cap, would start smelling really bad really soon and was wondering how this happened. A few glances through the internet later - Google and Wikipedia - we were happy in the knowledge that it wasn't our fault and it's not all that bad. We put some lotion on Emily's head before bed and this morning we washed her hair. It looks fine thus far, touch wood, so hopefully we've escaped the whole cradle cap thing.
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