Monday, 25 June 2012

Holly is looking brighter

Over the last couple of weeks we've noticed a definite, positive change on Holly.

She's much brighter, more alert, smiles more and follows you around the room. It's all the things we could have hoped for, for a child verging on six months old (tomorrow).

She still has her spasms, especially in her leg (for which I've nicknamed her "Mississippi Leg Hound" purely for the crazy leg movements, not for the rest of the Christmas Vacation reference).

She's rolling on to her stomach unaided, which is good. Usually this is followed by a little "help me" cry as she lies there unable to turn back over. Today, however, she was able to roll on to her stomach and then back on to her back, unaided.

We've also introduced new flavours and textures into her diet, to promote the next stage of eating. She's eating more paste-consistency food (thanks to our food processor) and Sue's cooked up some baby recipes with chicken in them, so Holly's getting her first taste of meat!

Emily's still ignoring Holly, but every now and then we notice her spying Holly out the corner of her eye. I think as Holly grows up and becomes a bit more predictable and less of a random crying machine, Emily will warm to her. She's only been around Holly for about six months now, which isn't all that long in the grand scheme of things (obviously it's a lifetime for Holly).
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