Friday, 1 June 2012

The Reflux Flux-flux-flux-flux

Reflux, flux-flux-flux-flux-flux.
Apparently we HAVEN'T gone too far this time, by continuing to give Holly her anti-reflux medication Ranitidine (and no, we're not dancing on the valentine either, to continue the Duran Duran theme of the headline).

One of the many doctors that is seeing Holly wanted to test her to see if she actually needs to continue her medication. Sue has just returned from the appointment to let me know that via the power of ultrasound, yes, Holly has silent reflux.

One of the web pages with info on it lists a load of various symptoms, some Holly has, some she doesn't. Things like low weight gain, arching back during feed, etc. ring true. Thankfully things like blood in the stool have skipped this particular baby.

According to the web site as well, the underdeveloped oesophagus can develop itself in the first year or so of life, but if she's anything like her father or his cousin Ben, she may not be out of the woods yet.

Along with everything else to do with Holly's current condition, time will tell.
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