Sunday, 1 July 2012

Emily loves a goal

I was watching the Euro 2012 final this evening, as I think every man in the UK was.

Gunning for Spain, I couldn't contain myself when they scored their first goal.

Emily was in the bath, with Sue washing her at the time. When the goal happened, and I cheered and whooped and the TV sound was cheering and whooping as well, Emily lept up in the bath, cheering and whooping, and tried to jump out of the tub to come celebrate. It took everything Sue had to constraint the little celebrant.

Once she was out of the tub and dry, she feverishly watched the rest of the match with me, jumping up and down and hollering "hurray!" every time someone scored or ALMOST scored a goal. Thankfully Spain scored three more, so there was ample chances for actual celebrations.

Just wondering how this would translate to Emily going to an actual event. I imagine the sound in a live stadium would do her head in. Also, with football notoriously low scoring, I don't think this would be the best sport to get her whooping a hollering. I think we'll leave it to televised sports at the moment.
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