Friday, 15 June 2012

Spanish holidays

We got back from holidaying in Spain this week and it was quite a mixed time we had there with the kids.

Emily had decided to really jump into the spirit of being on holiday and refused to go to sleep most nights before midnight. This did make make for some peaceful-ish mornings. Trouble is Holly still went to sleep at her regular time and provided the usual dawn wake up calls. A couple of mornings we got off lightly and it was about 8am.

Emily was flower girl at our friends' wedding. She did a commendable job, given her difficulties. I ended up walking down the aisle with her and we had reached our seat before I remembered that we should be chucking rose petals along the way. Oops.

During the ceremony, Emily proceeded to recite her favourite line from Peppa Pig, "FIRE!". Thankfully she was drowned out by vows and celebrants, but she does pick her moments!

Most days we spent swimming in the pool. Emily's vernacular sees "swimming" as taking a bath, so essentially taking a bath in a massive unheated bathtub (pool) was quite something. She fretted about going in  every single time - a few choice games and help from friends ensured that she ended up having a wonderful time in the pool.

The biggest surprise was food. Em CAN be a picky eater sometimes. If things are out of the ordinary - i.e. carrots cut oddly, Capri sun served in a cup not the foil container, etc. - she will refuse to eat or drink. Also sandwiches turn into two pieces of bread and filling, eaten separately.

Saying that, we ordered her seafood paella one night, assuming I'd have to consume two portions and have her starve. Sue and I were pleasantly surprised to find her hoover down the portion (within reason - she didn't fiddle around with the clams or mussels, but did eat the squid). From that point on, almost every meal we ate out included a child's portion of seafood paella. Can't say fairer than that.

Holly got her usual jar of puréed fruit, which she inhaled. Not sure if the Spanish jars of fruit taste any different. Most of the fruit we get in the supermarket this time of year is from Spain, so my money is on "no, it doesn't taste any different".

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