Thursday, 20 October 2011

Parent Teacher Meeting

Another milestone for Sue and I tonight. We had our first parent teacher evening.

You hear about them, you see them in sitcoms, but you never really know what to expect.

We went through the initial feedback regarding Emily and how she's settled in during the first half of the first term as well as the outcomes of initial Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals that have been set. Of the four goals, Em's excelling in 3 and needs help in the fourth.

Sue and I have some strategies we can try at home, including helping Em play more. We need to get more inset puzzles and give Em a more structured "play time", perhaps after dinner.

There was really two ways the meeting could have gone - a) your child is a no-hoper or b) things are looking good.

Thankfully, Emily's showing signs of improvement. There's no magic bullet getting her sorted out overnight, and we realise it'll be a long, hard slog but any encouraging news is ... encouraged.
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