Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Don't be (nappy) rash

The last couple of days Emily's been battling the red raw nappy area.

It's been unpleasant for her, as well as Sue and I as we've been woken up through the night with Emily screaming in pain. I guess it doesn't help that she had the runs at some point over the last few days as well. That kind of effluence rubbing against any part of your skin is going to irritate after a while.

This brings us to the topic of nappies. We've almost run out of them today (there's about a day's worth left) and I was THIS close to going to Tesco this morning to restock, until I realised that Costco have their nappy deal on. That plus picking Emily up from Helen's equals after "school" excursion! Sorted.

However, during the day we had our supply of nappies arrive from the NHS. As Emily is now over 3, she qualifies for continence assistance. We have supplies to last until January now.

Quite fortuitous that my trip to Tesco was called off.

Back to the rash issue. Dragonflies have said they'd help with Emily's condition by changing her more often. Now we have our "stash" we can easily supply them a load at once, instead of the single nappy in the book bag which has been my solution to date.

Any type of "down under" rash is unpleasant, but when you can't air your area out, I can only imagine the moist pain farm Emily's been walking around with.
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