Wednesday, 19 October 2011

First school meeting

Had our first school meeting this morning.

Wasn't really sure what to expect, as I can imagine loads of parents actually work and can't really afford to take off 9.30 - 11.30, even if it to discuss their child's future.

As it was, I was only the second dad there, and there were about 8 mums, including our Susan.

The meeting was quite informative, as we discussed what do with regards to applying for school's next year.

The school impressed upon us that, as parents of Dragonflies, we're in a unique position as we have to apply for a mainstream position, but our child will also be assessed through the year to see if they qualify for an SEN, basically a legally binding document outlining the requirement for special educational needs.

The groundwork for the SEN is going to take place during the second half of the first term during action called the Statutory Assessment Process (SAP), where a number of professionals - doctors, therapists, etc. - assess our children and then write this report which recommends either further special needs education or moving into mainstream school.

We need to do the mainstream app online, and choose the best school closest to us. This application has to be completed by mid January. The SAP will continue well into next year and we might find our child has a mainstream place before the SEN decision. We were told to accept the mainstream place as an SEN may not be forthcoming at all.

A lot to take in, but we eventually moved to the Children's Centre, had tea and biscuits and a more informal get to know you, which was nice.
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