Sunday, 20 November 2011

Emily and adult music

Tonight, Sue was catching up on her Glee on Sky+ (as one does when coming back from a weekend away).

The show's sponsor, who is imminently forgettable, uses Queen's "We Will Rock You" as the song during the ad.

Sue watched the ad once and then proceeded to fast forward through the actual ads. During the quiet minute or so, Emily proceeded to sing, in her little 3.5 year old voice "we will, we will rock you" a couple of times.

Sue and I were utterly dumbfounded, as we've never listened to this song with any intention of teaching it to Emily and are not really sure how many times - if any - Emily has actually listened to it with us.

We're wondering if Helen (or Dragonflies) is planning a children's version of the Queen/Ben Elton musical or what the actual reason behind Emily's new love of the Queen sports anthem actually is.

Now that I know she's getting into "adult" music, the race is on to teach her the first Duran Duran album.
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