Monday, 3 October 2011

New words

Whether it's new school, or Emily's finally getting around to talking, she's actually coming up with new words. Some are helpful in her day to day and actually enable her to communicate - while others are just baffling.

Her books are on a higher shelf than she can reach and for a while now, she'd grab the hand of any available adult and drag them over to help her select a book. This weekend, however, she looked at me and said "Come. Help." and dragged me off to the shelf. I felt this was a real step forward in her ability to verbally communicate.

She's been saying "help" quite a bit lately, but it's not always in the best context. Out for lunch yesterday, Sue had to take Em to the loo. While in there, Emily started yelling "help. help." obviously to get Sue to help wipe her bum or her nose, or whatever. Thankfully, however, child services weren't alerted.

Emily's also been saying the phrase "A dog. A cat. A MOUSE!" quite a bit lately, and Sue and I are quite baffled as to the origin of this. It's not in a book and its not in a TV show or DVD that she watches. If it's her way of communicating, we're also stumped ... unless she wants some new pets and offering us her wish list.

She's still saying the catch-all "bread" for all manner of food, but she seems to understand in the morning that bread/breakfast/cereal means at least a trip down the stairs is in order.

We're getting there at a glacial pace, but at least the journey continues forward.
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