Thursday, 24 July 2008

Evening Horriblus

Both Sue and I have had MUCH better evenings as parents than last night.

First, Sue and Em had a lovely day out in the sun at a local park. However, when I went to wake Em up for an evening feed around 9pm, she was warm... really warm and kinda pink around the face, in the "have you got heatstroke kind of way".

A quick read up in books, etc. told us not to worry unless the symptoms of warm and pink was accompanied by vomiting and some other serious sounding things.

The symptoms were just accompanied by an explosive bout of bowel evacuation, so no problem there.

A quick change later, and a strip down of Em helped get her temp down. We then decided to bathe her in the sink to rinse off some other fluids of her own creation. The sink tap was quite scalding so I decided in my logical manner to run the cold so she wouldn't scald herself on the faucet. Well, the last dregs of water were quite scalding and she screamed and screamed and her leg turned the pink her face was.

We put a wet flannel on her leg and in some weird superhero way, the scald was gone before we went bed. This kinda made me think we've given birth to a baby with superpowers. Is Em going to be like Claire from Heroes? That would be so cool!

Although, I won't be breaking her fingers to see if they grow back.
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