Monday, 21 July 2008

Day care

Sue's got a "come back to work" day or "keep in touch" day today. Bottom line is, she's gone back to work for a day and we've put Emily in Deutsche Bank day care for the day.

This is a huge step. We've left Em with people before, but they've been friends or family and only for a couple of hours while we went to a concert or popped out for dinner.

This moment had to happen sometime, but just looking at her little placid happy face as she left the flat today with mummy... she doesn't really know what's in store!

Sue said the day care centre are going to call her every two hours with updates, which is good and that the younger they are, the more oblivious they are that they've been "abandoned" by their parents. Hopefully this will make things easier down the road - actual day care, first days of school, etc.
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