Thursday, 17 January 2008

NCT Ante-Natal, take 2

Had our second NCT ante-natal class tonight. Sue and I both missed the Tuesday NHS one, with work commitments. Hoping to go next week!

At NCT we talked about the drugs you'd use during labour, what labour meant to the blokes and what the women would go through.

At one point we talked about administering Vitamin K (helps with blood clotting) to the new born, as the child will be born with rather low levels. This got me worried (oh HERE we go!) about haemophilia in the baby. Of course, the administering of the vitamin CAN lead to childhood leukaemia, so there's another concern.

We're having a good time in the small class, but I think Sue's becoming a bit put off as there's lots of exercises to get you thinking about things. I quite enjoy having to think about what exactly labour might feel like or the pros and cons of an epidural. If we were just told, there's always the possibility you'd tune out or doze off.

Looking forward to next week!
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