Saturday, 19 January 2008

Aches and pains

I can imagine that once baby comes, we'll have so little sleep that every ache and pain's intensity will be heightened by the hallucinatory nature of sleep deprivation. Until that point comes though, we're currently dealing with another issue squarely in the ache and pain category.

Sue's hands have become quite bloated and painful, to the point where I'm opening milk bottles and doing things that most of us (without crippling arthritis) take for granted. We're keenly aware this is obviously pregnancy related, but offers a startling window into what life when we're in our 70s or 80s might be like (i.e. stricken with arthritis).

When baby comes, I fully expect Sue to make a full recovery, and then she can put her wedding ring back on and we can go back to being a happily married couple with a new bubby.

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