Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Anti Natal

Now that we're back from Oz and feeling healthy, it's all guns a blazin', babywise.

Last week our NCT ante-natal classes started. We were on a plane so obviously didn't go.

This morning, our first NHS class kicked off. I didn't go.

Sue's decided to suss out the NHS one to see if I really need to take the next eight or so Tuesday mornings off. She's a tad worried about looking like Betty no-father-for-baby but a phone call from or to her this arvo should figure that one out.

Apart from the classes to teach us how to breathe and such, we now have to begin the crusade to get the flat baby-friendly. This is going to be an immense uphill battle as we're both kinda wishing we could move instead of dealing with a flat was too small for two.
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